15) Sampler: Sacred Story, Finding God in the Ordinary

Today’s episode is a sample of the book, Sacred Story, Finding God in the Ordinary by Daryl Knudeson. This book of 40 short chapters is designed to call attention to the day to day lessons that our heavenly Father prepares for us. For discussion or personal meditation or group discussion, Daryl’s book is sure to awaken your heart to the wonder of the ordinary. 

Mentioned in this episode: 


Episode 14: Hey, Teacher! Resistance to Writing

This is the first “Hey, Teacher!” episode. These podcasts grapple with issues that are common to writers. Dan interviews Jenna Thompson, who has a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Pacific University and teaches at Pacific and at Warner Pacific College. Today’s topic: Resistance. How do you climb over those barriers that try to prevent you from putting fingers to keyboard. 

Mentioned in this episode: The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. 

Episode 13 (Sampler): Keys of the Kingdom

This sampler episode spotlights The Transforming Power of the Keys of the Kingdom by Dick Williams. This book calls into question the traditional understanding of conversion being a simple agreement with a few central tenets of Christian doctrine. Subtitled “Unlocking the process of New Testament Conversion” the book explores the notion that following Jesus is not just a decision, it is an ongoing transformation. Watch for an interview with the author in the next few episodes. 

Episode 12: Big Orders or Small Orders? And Some Holiday Humor

When ordering a print run of one of your titles from CreateSpace, you may discover that smaller orders have a much quicker turnaround time than a larger order. We discovered that a few books drop-shipped had a quicker turnaround time by nearly a week than our order of 200. Also, for some Christmas fun, an excerpt from Sound the Holiday Alarm. 

Episode 10: Why is Writing So Hard?

An interview with aspiring writer, Heidi Sadler. Heidi shares some of the things that challenge her as a writer and how she has attempted to deal with them. Heidi is also a musician. She and her husband, Ben, have a band called Chasing Ebenezer. Mentioned in the podcast are: 

  • Heidi’s regular fiction blog called Sunday Psalms. Click here
  • We referenced a single recording released by Chasing Ebenezer that deals with sex trafficking called “Slavery.” To hear the song, click here. The song starts after the page loads. 

Episode 9: Word Processor and Thanksgiving Fun

In this Episode…Keyboard

  • Announcement of the upcoming release of Come Follow Me – 356 Days Walking in the Spirit. 
  • Brief comments about the importance of a suitable word processing application. 
  • A sample of Sound the Holiday Alarm – The Nativities are Getting Restless. 

Episode 8: Fireball Turkey

website-panelA quick look at a new release at Two Worlds Media, Sound the Holiday Alarm (the nativities are getting restless) by Dan “Max” Mayhew. This is one of four books in the Zootron Chronicles series which are published under the Max Features imprint. This one, and the other three books in the series are just for fun. Enjoy! 

Episode 6: CreateSpace, The Big Dog

A whirlwind intro to publishing with CreatSpace with a tip of the hat to a few other publishing platforms. Much more could be said, but ya gotta start someplace. A couple of related links:

https://www.createspace.com/    http://www.ingramspark.com/    https://www.smashwords.com/

Podcast 5: Interview Jody Mayhew

jodymug3As a follow up to the sampler episode featuring The Ancient Deceptions – Uncover the Oldest Tricks in The Book, Dan interviews the author, Jody Mayhew (yes, they’ve been married for nearly 45 years!) Jody talks about Abide Ministries, Sonship Studies and some of the deceptions that are dealt with in the book. The link to her video blog has been added under the “Resources” tab above.