A Minute’s Worth

minuteA regular feature at Two Worlds Media. Each link gives you “a minute’s worth” of one of our titles. The idea, of course is to pique your interest in a particular title; to invite you to learn more from our books. Hope you enjoy a minute’s worth of each of them.

A Minutes Worth of Heal Me, O Lord – The Christians Handbook to Personal Wholeness Through Healing Prayer by Calvin Tadema.

A Minute’s worth of The Ancient Deceptions – Uncover the Oldest Tricks in the Book by Jody Mayhew and Julie Tadema.

 Previous Minutes

A minute’s worth of Max & Burnie Go Kaafwoom!! and other cautionary tales of summer, by Dan “Max” Mayhew.

 A minute’s worth of The Butterfly and the Stone – God’s Love on a Prodigal Journey by Dan Mayhew

 A minutes worth of Sacred Story – Finding God in the Ordinary by Daryl Knudeson.

 A minute’s worth of Sword of Submission – Reclaiming the Power of Being Human by Dan & Jody Mayhew

 A minute’s worth of Marriage Rx – Prescription for a Radical Marriage by Tadema & Mayhew

 A minute’s worth of The Transforming Power of the Keys of the Kingdom by Dick Williams.