Meet our authors

Calvin and Julie Tadema

The Tademas are core authors on the Two Worlds Press Imprint. They write on the subject of healing prayer. They live in Brush Prairie Washington.

Books by Calvin Tadema

Books by Julie Tadema

Daryl Knudeson

Daryl is a Two Worlds Press author who has several titles to her Credit, including the Sacred Moments series and a title dealing with the issues of masculinity, femininity and original design. She lives, with her Air Force Chaplain husband, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Books by Daryl Knudeson

Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun

Carolyn S-R has studied law, literature and creative writing. She is a freelance writer, editor and journalist who lives in Brush Prairie, Washington.

Books by Carolyn SR

Timothy Jones

Timothy is a freelance writer whose fascination with history and instinct for a good story inspired him to explore interesting reports from the forest of Faygate in the 17th century.

Books by Timothy Jones

Tom Baker

Tom has pastored churches in the Northwest for over 35 years. He has also served as a “pastor at large” helping grieving families throughout the area.

Books by Tom Baker

Dan and Jody Mayhew

The Mayhews are core authors on the Two Worlds Media Imprint. They write on topics relevant to prayer and Christian living. They live in Brush Prairie, Washington near the Tademas.

Books by Jody Mayhew

Books by Dan Mayhew

Kurt Mach

Kurt writes on the Crosswater imprint. He has written one of our fiction titles, Without Malice. He lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Books by Kurt Mach

Melodie Steele

Melodie (Eaton) Steele grew up in Portland, OR. She holds degrees in Biblical Literature and German. She and her husband, Terry, co-teach multigenerational Bible classes. They and their two sons, Josh and Sam, live with “Grandma,” supported by many and family.

Books by Melodie Steele

Richard Williams

Dick, pictured with his wife, Karen, is a pastor, teacher and theologian. He has authored numerous papers on matters of theology and practical Christian Living. He lives with his wife of over 50 years in Camas, Washington.

Books by Dick Williams

Maurice Cowley

Maurice is a husband, father, pastor, and poet. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife, five children, and a granddaughter. When he’s not creating, he’s a pastor to youth and young adults at Imago Dei Community. He loves writing poetry, roasting coffee, and working out. 

Books by Maurice Cowley

Debbie Ausherman

Debbie Ausherman loves captivating readers with drama, amusement, and inspiration. She draws from the heritage of growing up with her five siblings on their great grandfather’s farm. Both retired, she and her husband enjoy life with their friends in the Pacific Northwest.

Books by Debbie Ausherman

Patti Laughlin

Patti Laughlin and her husband Ron have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Together, they served in small churches for over 50 years. They are now retired and live in Corvallis, Oregon. What Patti shares in this book she learned through hard times and great trials. She hopes that you, too, can find help and hope IN YOUR WAITING ROOM.

Books by Patti Laughlin

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