Audio Books as Podcast Episodes

After giving it some thought, the Two Worlds Media team has decided to make audio versions of our materials available as podcast episodes. We’ve experimented with going through audiobook distributors, namely Audible, with our books, but we wanted more control over how we released them and, most importantly, how much to charge. Our conclusion was that “free” was a pretty good price, so as books become available, we’re posting them as podcast episodes of Read Between the Worlds, the TWM podcast, with an invitation to contribute to the effort as listeners are able. Our experience has shown that friends of Two Worlds Media have been generous with their support of the ministry. We are also going to make downloadable versions of the audiobooks available at the same cost as paperbacks.

We hope this approach will make our work accessible to readers and listeners alike. 

Blessings! The TWM team. 

1 thought on “Audio Books as Podcast Episodes”

  1. Hello, My name is Jan Schaffner. I just met with Gail Perry this week and she referred your ministry to me. I have known her for years, I’ve been to many of her trainings.
    I just finished the manuscript of my second self-published book on “Freedom.” I wrote and published my first book in 2020 “Stand Firm to be Free!”. I took a year break due to my husband passing away this past January.
    Gail recommended I contact you to see if you would be right fit for me to move forward with my second book..
    “Redeemed for Freedom!”
    I am also starting a ministry called
    “Redeemed for Freedom” I’ve been the Director of an Inner Healing Ministry for 10 years within a church in Salem.
    My family and are looking at starting a Healing Retreat Center near Bend,OR where they both live with their families right now. My son is a Pastor at Eagle Mountain Fellowship and my daughter is here after 30 years of living in Germany (involved ministry and business )with her husband and children.
    I would like to know more about your ministry/business and about publishing
    my second book. I am choosing not to go through a mainstream publisher as I did for my first book.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Blessings, Jan Schaffner

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