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Episode 9: Word Processor and Thanksgiving Fun

In this Episode…Keyboard

  • Announcement of the upcoming release of Come Follow Me – 356 Days Walking in the Spirit. 
  • Brief comments about the importance of a suitable word processing application. 
  • A sample of Sound the Holiday Alarm – The Nativities are Getting Restless. 

Episode 8: Fireball Turkey

website-panelA quick look at a new release at Two Worlds Media, Sound the Holiday Alarm (the nativities are getting restless) by Dan “Max” Mayhew. This is one of four books in the Zootron Chronicles series which are published under the Max Features imprint. This one, and the other three books in the series are just for fun. Enjoy! 

Episode 6: CreateSpace, The Big Dog

A whirlwind intro to publishing with CreatSpace with a tip of the hat to a few other publishing platforms. Much more could be said, but ya gotta start someplace. A couple of related links:

Podcast 5: Interview Jody Mayhew

jodymug3As a follow up to the sampler episode featuring The Ancient Deceptions – Uncover the Oldest Tricks in The Book, Dan interviews the author, Jody Mayhew (yes, they’ve been married for nearly 45 years!) Jody talks about Abide Ministries, Sonship Studies and some of the deceptions that are dealt with in the book. The link to her video blog has been added under the “Resources” tab above. 

Podcast 4: Sampler – The Ancient Deceptions

AD-Cover Art-4Lies. When we believe them, they may as well be true. When we discover the truth, deception loses its power. Today’s sampler episode of Read Between the Worlds features The Ancient Deceptions – Uncover the Oldest Tricks in The Book by Jody Mayhew and Julie Tadema. The book calls our attention to the lies that have been around since the first humans believed them and shows you how to keep from falling for them. 




Podcast Episode 3: Calvin Tadema

calvin-mugA follow-up to the sampler episode featuring the book, Heal Me O Lord – The Christian’s Handbook to Personal Wholeness Through Healing PrayerDan interviews the author, Calvin Tadema. 

Episode 2: Sampler ~ Heal Me O Lord

HMO-FRT CVR-1The second episode of Read Between the Worlds is what we call a “sampler episode” where you get what amounts to an audio book glimpse into a book. This sample comes from Heal Me O Lord – The Christian’s Handbook to Personal Healing and Wholeness Through Healing Prayer. You can get more details about the book by visiting the catalog. 

Read Between the Worlds: Episode 1 ~ Introduction

rbtw-logo-websiteThe podcast is devoted to independent writing, reading and publishing. Episodes will feature the books you’ll find at Two Worlds Media ( and discuss the world of “indie” writing and publishing. Episodes include discussions of self-publishing and writing; sampler episodes where you will hear readings of from featured books; author interviews, interviews with writers, publishers and teachers.

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