Sword of Submission

Sword of Submission – Chapter 2

Audio Book Episode

So, the warfare of the universe plays out. On one side the Creator plans and executes a fitting response to the rebellion; the loyal elohim await specific instructions even as they yearn for the full revelation of what human beings were to eventually become and for an understanding of their own complimentary role with them. The humans quietly, instinctively long for the wholeness that was lost in the garden.

Meanwhile, the rebels are continuing to press their assault on creation. The battle for dominance,, including time/space and the race that lives there, is to be fought on two fronts. One is purely an offensive, aimed at assimilating these unfamiliar time/space beings. The other is preemptive, an effort to circumvent the Creator’s plan to ultimately destroy the rebellion…

Sword of Submission – Chapter 3

Audio Book Episode

Plan B

[The forces of darkness] had underestimated the power of the Creator again, not knowing that He had made a place for Himself in the time/space world at the moment He had created it. He had created the earth from the inside out.

The voice of The Seed roars across the eternal sky. “Hear this, disobedient spirits! You are banished! The door into the world of the time-creatures is closed to you…” Two fearsome beings—cherubim—come forward to guard the gateway.

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