Sword of Submission

Sword of Submission – Chapter 2

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So, the warfare of the universe plays out. On one side the Creator plans and executes a fitting response to the rebellion; the loyal elohim await specific instructions even as they yearn for the full revelation of what human beings were to eventually become and for an understanding of their own complimentary role with them. The humans quietly, instinctively long for the wholeness that was lost in the garden.

Meanwhile, the rebels are continuing to press their assault on creation. The battle for dominance,, including time/space and the race that lives there, is to be fought on two fronts. One is purely an offensive, aimed at assimilating these unfamiliar time/space beings. The other is preemptive, an effort to circumvent the Creator’s plan to ultimately destroy the rebellion…

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 3

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Plan B

[The forces of darkness] had underestimated the power of the Creator again, not knowing that He had made a place for Himself in the time/space world at the moment He had created it. He had created the earth from the inside out.

The voice of The Seed roars across the eternal sky. “Hear this, disobedient spirits! You are banished! The door into the world of the time-creatures is closed to you…” Two fearsome beings—cherubim—come forward to guard the gateway.

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 7

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An Apparent Need for Parents

Jesus, the submitted son, was a careful observer of the Father, and a faithful imitator. That is a picture of wisdom. Paul calls Jesus “God’s mystery…in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Just as wisdom is personified in the 8th chapter of Proverbs, Jesus’ example of subjection to the Father becomes the living embodiment of wisdom and wise behavior in the New Testament.

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 8

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My Master, My Mentor

Christ as a son, demonstrated how to act like the Father, but Christ, the servant, teaches how to act on behalf of the Father. The child’s role draws life from simply being—we are children. The servant, on the other hand, learns to defer his own purposes to those of another. The will of the master is the duty of the slave.

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 9

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Lord, Pierce My Ear

As bondslaves we have something very important to lay before the Master: our freedom. To walk again in a fully responsive relationship with Him as we were designed —this is God’s definition of “liberty”—we have to be willing to walk in submission, understanding the will of God and choosing it.

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 11

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How does one go about living in an “heirarchy?” If order in the home and church isn’t established by the rank of its members but by their roles how does the whole thing keep from flying apart in a great power struggle?

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 12

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Part 3: Deployment

In the Arms of Love

The story of redemption is a romance. It is a story of God’s unrequited love, His relentless pursuit of His faithless bride. It is the tale of His boundless heart, His passion, His sacrificial quest to restore relationship. God extends to humanity an invitation to once again rest in His love and to be subject to Him as a child, a servant, and a bride:

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 13

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Key to Unity: All for One

One of the reasons that unity suffers among Christians in America is that we tend to preserve hierarchical structure in our churches. Rather than operate according to the principle of “one body with many equally valuable members” we often elevate some gifts above the others. In essence we make celebrities out of those that have “public” gifts such as pastors, administrators, and worship leaders, while people who exercise “lesser” gifts remain non-functional, and sometimes become dysfunctional. The reality is that we have inadvertently created “key roles” that become lightning rods for conflict.

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Sword of Submission – Chapter 14

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The Secret Weapon of Warfare

Humility and submission work against divisions and strife, which divide the church and prevent it from standing. If we intend to be victorious in the battle to reclaim planet Earth, the key will be learning submission. If we don’t, we will find God a fearsome opponent. No amount of training in submission—learning the strength of family, the power of servanthood, the ability of a devoted bride—can mitigate the fatal error of pride. The good news is that if we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of the Creator, no weapon formed against us will stand.

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