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Audio Books as Podcast Episodes

After giving it some thought, the Two Worlds Media team has decided to make audio versions of our materials available as podcast episodes. We’ve experimented with going through audiobook distributors, namely Audible, with our books, but we wanted more control over how we released them and, most importantly, how much to charge. Our conclusion was that “free” was a pretty good price, so as books become available, we’re posting them as podcast episodes of Read Between the Worlds, the TWM podcast, with an invitation to contribute to the effort as listeners are able. Our experience has shown that friends of Two Worlds Media have been generous with their support of the ministry. We are also going to make downloadable versions of the audiobooks available at the same cost as paperbacks.

We hope this approach will make our work accessible to readers and listeners alike. 

Blessings! The TWM team. 

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Writer’s Workshop at Two Worlds Media

Two Worlds Media is about independently published books from a Christian perspective.

TWM is mostly a marketplace. It’s kind of a storefront for indie writers. But what if we could do more to encourage readers and writers? What if we could make suggestions and provide resources to people who have some of their own ideas for the journey? To do that I’ve started a Podcast called “Read Between the Worlds” where I’ve discussed some of the aspects of writing and publishing in a print on demand world. That’s been going for a few months. 

I’d like to do more. In addition, I’d like to offer resources for indie writers. So, allow me to introduce the Two Worlds Media Writer’s Workshop.

This will be a place for active and aspiring writers to explore. It will have the following elements. 

  • Resource Links to sites we run across that may be helpful. Got a favorite? Let us know. 
  • Collaboration. Invite readers and other writers to look in on your work while it is in progress; offer compliments, encouragement and suggestions. Let us know if you’ve got a project you’d like to tell folks about and we’ll post links to it so they can find your work. You may be posting your project on your personal blog, or using a site like Wattpad. Whatever platform you’re posting your work to, we’ll link to it.  
  • Services like editing, cover design, concept refinement, etc. 
  • Training and TutoringI’ll be organizing some online workshop-style classes and personal tutoring in case you’d like to work with a qualified teacher to sharpen your skills. I don’t know about costs and other details yet—teachers gotta make a living, ya know—but I’ll keep you posted. Watch for details. 
  • Facebook Group. Finally, what do you think about a FB group for this writer’s workshop? You know, a place to discuss the craft of writing and publishing. This would differ from the from Collaboration in that it would not be around a specific project, but a place to field questions and offer or ask for suggestions about writing and publishing. Leave me a comment if you’d be interested. If enough are, I’ll get cracking and set it up. It would be a moderated group. Only us TWM insiders…

So, there ya go! It’s an idea in the larval stage at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to scrap it due to lack of interest, but who knows? Maybe this is an idea whose time has come. 

Here’s the link. Remember we’re just getting started here. With enough interest, who knows what may evolve. I’d love to hear from you. 


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Crosswater Books Set to Release First Fiction Title!


Watch for the soon-to-be-released young adult fiction book, Time Funnels – The Accidental Journey. Written by new TWM writer, Tim Jones. This is the first fiction title to be released by Two Worlds Media and the first title for young adult readers. We’re excited to be able to partner with Tim on his project.

Here is a description taken from the back cover:

Fascinating and riveting, Time Funnels: The Accidental Journey, takes two American eighth graders to 17th century France and England where they have one unforgettable summer.

So, what’s with the dinosaur…er…dragon? Guess you’ll have to wait for the book.

Watch for it! It’s coming soon. 

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Now Available! The Ancient Deceptions

AD-Cover Art-4

New from Two Worlds Press

By Jody Mayhew and Julie Tadema

A fascinating exploration of the deceptions that have misled the human race since the very beginning and how they continue to appear today. Order your copy today!

Join us for a “launch party” on August 3rd!  

Books will be available. Your prayers will be appreciated.

Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 4-6PM

Worldview Center
6012 SE Yamhill Street,
Portland OR, 97215

Enter at the north door off Yamhill

Click here for map. 

Sponsored by Two Worlds Media


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Upcoming Release

AD-Cover Art-4

AD-Back Cover-2

Soon to be released. Watch for it! 

The Ancient Deceptions ~ Uncovering the Oldest Tricks in ‘The Book’

A fascinating exploration of the deceptions that have been plaguing the human race since the very beginning. From the back panel:


When we believe them, they may as well be true. When we discover the truth, deception loses its power.

The Ancient Deceptions helps you uncover the lies that have been around since the first humans believed them and shows you how to keep from falling for the oldest tricks in The Book.

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Just Released! Incarnation

INV-front-cvr-DRFT-3Two Worlds Media is excited to announce on the Crosswater imprint:

Incarnation: Breathtaking Courage, Wisdom and Love 

by Tom Baker

Tom Baker has been a local church pastor for over 30 years. No longer serving a single congregation, Tom is a “pastor at large” bringing comfort to grieving families in the Northwest. Incarnation is his first book. In it, Tom shares powerful, tender and sometimes funny insights into the reality of the incarnation. He blends prose, poetry and prayer to demonstrate that the joy of the incarnation isn’t just a Christmas greeting but a truth for all seasons.

The first shipment of Incarnation is on the way. . 

Available now at Two Worlds Media 

(Also on Amazon)

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TWM is Growing!

GrowingAs the world of independent publishing expands, so has Two Worlds Media. Within the last few months we’ve added two new authors and, presently, we have three books in production. It appears we are on a growth curve.

At the start, the goal of TWM was to make a place for the work that Jody and I were doing. Having a “web presence” is just part of the game of indie publishing. What we didn’t anticipate was there were folks among our friends and acquaintances that had something to say and didn’t really know how to get it said. When they found out that we had taken the leap into self-publishing, they thought out loud how they might do something similar. I found myself saying something like, “I can help you with that!”

Suddenly, I was a publisher…well, not exactly. I became a coach and servant as I walked these aspiring authors through the process of setting up their own publishing effort. I formatted their manuscript into book form; helped them design a cover; prepared their work to be converted into an eBook and opened up their publishing accounts for them. Finally, I got their work on Amazon, and other distributions points including Two Worlds Media. Most writers find all that overwhelming, and I suppose it is. It was for me at first. But, having done if a few times, I could help them get past that obstacle. So, it is my privilege to help authors get their thoughts out where their audience can benefit from them.

“How much do you charge?” they asked. I told them I didn’t. They said, “Well, I want to give you something,” My answer has become well rehearsed: “Nothing is expected. Anything is appreciated.” Not much of a business model, is it? Particularly when I find certain “vanity presses” out there that will “help” writers by charging $500 with packages up into the thousands.

You’ll notice that even though titles at Two Worlds Media have a cover price, more than a few are available to those with financial limitations for a donation or even for the cost of shipping, That is to freely make available what God has given us instead of doing “business as usual.” Of course, there are books on the site that have a set cover price, too. It’s up to our authors.

Two Worlds Media has become a marketplace for Independent “word-carvers.” Think of it as a consignment shop for local artists. When you buy a book or audio download, your money or donation usually goes directly to the writer. That’s why we don’t have a “cart” for your purchases. We want any funds that come for a particular title to go to the writer and not pass through a “middle man.” Two Worlds Media doesn’t “take a percentage.” Does that mean that what I do is free? Sometimes. It depends on the ability and inclination of the artist. Most times, though, authors try to express their appreciation for what I’ve done in one way or another. As we say around here, “Nothing is expected. Anything is appreciated.”

I wonder what the Father has in store for the coming year? Stay tuned! Should be exciting!

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