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Sword of Submission – Chapter 9

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Lord, Pierce My Ear

As bondslaves we have something very important to lay before the Master: our freedom. To walk again in a fully responsive relationship with Him as we were designed —this is God’s definition of “liberty”—we have to be willing to walk in submission, understanding the will of God and choosing it.

Sword of Submission – Chapter 13

Audio Book Episode

Key to Unity: All for One

One of the reasons that unity suffers among Christians in America is that we tend to preserve hierarchical structure in our churches. Rather than operate according to the principle of “one body with many equally valuable members” we often elevate some gifts above the others. In essence we make celebrities out of those that have “public” gifts such as pastors, administrators, and worship leaders, while people who exercise “lesser” gifts remain non-functional, and sometimes become dysfunctional. The reality is that we have inadvertently created “key roles” that become lightning rods for conflict.

Sword of Submission – Chapter 14

Audio Book Episode

The Secret Weapon of Warfare

Humility and submission work against divisions and strife, which divide the church and prevent it from standing. If we intend to be victorious in the battle to reclaim planet Earth, the key will be learning submission. If we don’t, we will find God a fearsome opponent. No amount of training in submission—learning the strength of family, the power of servanthood, the ability of a devoted bride—can mitigate the fatal error of pride. The good news is that if we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of the Creator, no weapon formed against us will stand.

Sword of Submission – Chapter 15

Audio Book Episode

Arise My Beloved

Two millennia ago a healing began. As C.S. Lewis put it, God had “landed on this enemy-occupied world in human form.”[1] At the cross, the veil of separation was shredded as the “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” burst into the perishing human heart. For twenty centuries that same Spirit has been applying the healing balm of restoration that is submission.

Now Available! From Calvin & Julie Tadema

Two Worlds Media is proud to announce the release of Calvin and Julie Tadema’s new title, Learn From Me – Strategies and Patterns in Transformative Healing Prayer.  This book is a sequel to Calvin’s last book, Heal Me O Lord. Both of these titles provide important insights into healing prayer and intercession. 

A New Title from Two Worlds Press!

Now Available! 

For This Reason – Femininity, Manhood and the Mystery of Original Design, the second title from author, Daryl Knudeson, is in the final stages of layout and proofing. 

For This Reason is an interactive study focused on taking a deep and brave look at our distinctly feminine design. The questions woven into each section help equip women with the understanding of how truly amazing that design is, and give a fresh perspective of how we influence the men in our lives. As we examine the triumphs and failures in our own relationships, and scrutinize two “femme fatales” from Scripture, we learn how to successfully live out our unique design with a sense of grateful tenacity.

In the midst of the current turbulence surrounding gender, For This Reason points to every woman’s immense worth to God and to man–for quite frankly, without her, man would still be “alone.”

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Check out Daryl’s first book, Sacred Story – Finding God in the Ordinary. 


[ 19 ] Interview with Jody Mayhew (Sword of Submission)

An interview with Jody Mayhew, co-author of Sword of Submission – Reclaiming the Power of Being Human. Dan and Jody discuss how the book came to be and explore some of the key concepts, including the truth that submission has nothing to do with dominance and passivity, but learning a restored relationship between God and His creation. 

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Dr. Joe Aldrich of Multnomah University
Sword of Submission (the book) 

15) Sampler: Sacred Story, Finding God in the Ordinary

Today’s episode is a sample of the book, Sacred Story, Finding God in the Ordinary by Daryl Knudeson. This book of 40 short chapters is designed to call attention to the day to day lessons that our heavenly Father prepares for us. For discussion or personal meditation or group discussion, Daryl’s book is sure to awaken your heart to the wonder of the ordinary. 

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Now Available! The Ancient Deceptions

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New from Two Worlds Press

By Jody Mayhew and Julie Tadema

A fascinating exploration of the deceptions that have misled the human race since the very beginning and how they continue to appear today. Order your copy today!

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Upcoming Release

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Soon to be released. Watch for it! 

The Ancient Deceptions ~ Uncovering the Oldest Tricks in ‘The Book’

A fascinating exploration of the deceptions that have been plaguing the human race since the very beginning. From the back panel:


When we believe them, they may as well be true. When we discover the truth, deception loses its power.

The Ancient Deceptions helps you uncover the lies that have been around since the first humans believed them and shows you how to keep from falling for the oldest tricks in The Book.

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