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After a long wait and a steep learning curve, we’ve finally updated our site. New, in the upgrade is a shopping cart and pay point. Now, instead of buying one title at a time directly from the author, our visitors can buy several titles with different authors. The good news is the authors themselves will be filling your order. so they can drop you an encouraging note. Hope you enjoy our new look and will stop by often. We are regularly adding new titles for you to enjoy. Blessings!

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Autistic ABCs – New on Crosswater Books

Two Worlds Media is proud to introduce our newest author, Melodie Eaton Steele, and to announce her first book Autistic ABCs – A family’s reflection on a journey toward hope. Printed in the style of a children’s dictionary, this newest title is the first book at TWM illustrated in color. We think it came out pretty good! It is the latest release under the Crosswater imprint. 

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Writing About Food, Fellowship and the Gospel

Kendall Vanderslice talks about her journey as a writer that has led her to the release of her first book, We Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God (Eerdmans) in May 2019. After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois (BA Anthropology 2013), she began engaging questions of food and faith. Interested in commensality—or, the social dynamics of eating together—she studied food at Boston University (MLA Gastronomy 2016) and is now finishing her studies Duke University, studying the theology of bread (MTS 2019). 

In this episode…

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Attention Portland Writers!

Two Worlds Media has partnered with some local teachers and coaches who can help writers polish their craft. It is our pleasure to recommend Jenna Thompson as one of those professionals. 

Jenna will be facilitating the first of several writer’s workshops on April 22nd. We at Two Worlds Media would like to encourage you take advantage of this local (Portland, OR) opportunity by offering the few remaining slots at a reduced rate of $35.00. That’s a $15.00 discount! Click here for details and a sign-up form


In the future, we are planning to organize a series of online collaborative workshops. Each facilitated practicum will be limited to four or five students who will work together with a coach to develop an aspect of their writing. Topics will focus on plot refinement, character development, descriptions and other elements of the writer’s practice. 

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Writers Workshop in Portland – April 22nd

We like to let you know when we hear of opportunities for indie authors to polish their craft. Jenna Thompson, who you may have heard me interview for our “Hey, Teacher!” episodes, is holding a writer’s workshop in April. I’m passing her invitation along to you: 

Hello friends —

I’m writing to invite you to a small writing workshop on April 22nd. While most of you know that I teach college writing and tutor students, there is an element to my personal writing practice that I don’t usually talk about. This is what I want to share with you.

For me, writing is more than putting words on paper or finishing a piece for an audience. It is a way of deepening my attention and honoring the sacred in ordinary moments. It’s a way of touching the mystery of being alive. It invites patience and slowness instead of frantic hurrying. It is, to borrow a phrase from poet Denise Levertov, a form of prayer.

Please consider joining me on the 22nd. I’ll bring poems, readings, and prompts to help you explore and develop your own writing practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced writer or if you don’t write at all. Everyone is welcome!

I hope to see you soon . . . and please pass the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Be well,

Date: April 22nd
Time: 9am-12pm
Place: Northeast Portland
Cost: $50
For details or to sign up use the contact form below. 
Space is limited to eight participants

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Now Available! Heal Me, O Lord


Newly Released by Two Worlds Press! 

By Calvin Tadema

Two Worlds author Calvin Tadema has just released an immensely helpful book about prayer. In readable and encouraging style Cal explores the joyful ministry of healing available to believers who seek the will of the Father for their lives.

Heal Me, O Lord is a practical guide to healing prayer that should be in the library of anyone who desires to help others come to wholeness in Christ or to experience healing themselves..

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Coming Soon: Marriage Rx

Marriage Rx - Prescription for a radical marriage.


It won’t be long, now! The manuscript for the next book from Two Worlds Press has gone to the publisher and the proofs are in the mail. The book should be available within the week. This book is a collaborative effort with Jody and I and Calvin and Julie Tadema of Masters Mind Ministry. We’ve been working closely with Cal and Julie for quite awhile now and we’re excited to have been able to work together on this project.



Here is the blurb from the back cover.

   Marriage Rx is a code name that came as a response to the news that yet another Christian marriage was headed for divorce. We agreed that the schemes of the enemy included the destruction of marriages, derailing those that have been called to serve, and taking out those that should be spiritual leaders. What was God’s prescription for this epidemic?

We went away to a quiet place to pray and seek His face. Out of that prayer time came a picture of God’s intentions for marriage. This book is not a new list of actions and behaviors to help husbands and wives get along better. It is a description of the character and identity of God reflected through married Christians living as examples of His nature. Marriage Rx is about your marriage—all of our marriages—but more than that, it is about His marriage: Christ and His church.


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