Coming Soon: Marriage Rx

Marriage Rx - Prescription for a radical marriage.


It won’t be long, now! The manuscript for the next book from Two Worlds Press has gone to the publisher and the proofs are in the mail. The book should be available within the week. This book is a collaborative effort with Jody and I and Calvin and Julie Tadema of Masters Mind Ministry. We’ve been working closely with Cal and Julie for quite awhile now and we’re excited to have been able to work together on this project.



Here is the blurb from the back cover.

   Marriage Rx is a code name that came as a response to the news that yet another Christian marriage was headed for divorce. We agreed that the schemes of the enemy included the destruction of marriages, derailing those that have been called to serve, and taking out those that should be spiritual leaders. What was God’s prescription for this epidemic?

We went away to a quiet place to pray and seek His face. Out of that prayer time came a picture of God’s intentions for marriage. This book is not a new list of actions and behaviors to help husbands and wives get along better. It is a description of the character and identity of God reflected through married Christians living as examples of His nature. Marriage Rx is about your marriage—all of our marriages—but more than that, it is about His marriage: Christ and His church.


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