Episode 8: Fireball Turkey

website-panelA quick look at a new release at Two Worlds Media, Sound the Holiday Alarm (the nativities are getting restless) by Dan “Max” Mayhew. This is one of four books in the Zootron Chronicles series which are published under the Max Features imprint. This one, and the other three books in the series are just for fun. Enjoy! 

3 thoughts on “Episode 8: Fireball Turkey”

  1. Thanks, guys! Really appreciate you putting a serious warning here, lest anyone decide to get creative with their holiday meal. Play it safe out there!

    Just a reminder, anything you read in the Zootron Series is just for fun. As I mentioned in the podcast: “99% fact free.” Many of the stories from Zootron fall into the category of, “Hmm. I wonder what happen if…” Thanks for listening!
    Dan (aka “Max”)

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