Humor from Max Features

Pulpit Fiction

Clerical Errors and Amusing Grace

The problem with Christians is we get so busy wringing the last drop of fun out of what the Bible calls “joy” we scarecely notice when God gets a kick out of something. So, in the interest of exercision our sense of humor before we forget we have one, Max Features presents this gallery of eccesiastical boo-boos, Biblical blundeers and pastoral faux pas. It’s all part of the wacky world of church.


Chapter 1: A Two Tic-Tac Moment

Sunday School Scandal

The Smurf Church

The Ring Bear’s Revenge

Pastor Ned Attempts the Feasibly Impossible

The Vagabonding Church

Hints for the Fashion Unconscious

Minding Your Please and Pews

Secrets of the Church Nursery

Advanced Retreating

Galivanting Geezer

Pastor Bill’s Long Day

Pulpit Fiction is available in paperback at Amazon and from right here at Two Worlds Media.

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