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Humor from Max Features

Books from Max Features are just for fun. You’re invited to visit the zany world of “Max” Dan Mayhew’s alter-ego. He’s somewhere between Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck with a dash of Lake Woebegone. When you settle down with a book from Max Features, prepare to smile or chuckle or maybe even laugh out loud. Click the logo for a listing of books from Max Features.


About “Max”Danny-SupermanDan's headshot - 2013

Dan began writing humor for several Northwest papers back in the 1980s. Originally, he wrote as “Max Jacobson” in honor of his dad, Max Jacob Mayhew, and to protect the identity of his family who figures prominently in  many of his columns. Alas, he soon discovered that there was a real  Max Jacobson who wrote reviews of restaurants and nightspots for the LA Times. Since the only nightspot that Dan knew anything about was a 24 hour Arco near his house, and to avoid legal retaliation from The Times, he abandoned the pseudonym keeping “Max” as his persona. At right is a portrait of the artist as a small child.

Tavoite Books

TWM-Tavoite Logo-Tavoite is a Finnish word that means target, goal, or objective. Books with the Tavoite imprint are written by authors with a goal to see their work become a real book made available to interested persons in their world of friends and relatives — think of them as labors of love from people with a story to tell. We at Two Worlds Media are pleased to be able to lend our know-how and resources to these friends who wish to share their heart with others. It is a joy to help them achieve their objective. Click the Logo for a listing of Tavoite Books. Works with this imprint are not edited or reviewed.

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