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    Autism Do-Re-Mi


    Learning to sing on our journey’s song

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    From the Preface:

    Autistic Do-Re-Mi’s presents glimpses from our learning to sing as a strategy against discouragement and doubt. Our practice of praise can promote an atmosphere of trust, faith, and hope. I wonder how much of Sam’s wit and Josh’s good humor come from this place of rest. May those times increase as we surrender our fears and anxiety to Jesus.

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    Autistic 123s

    God’s preparation for our journey toward hope.

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    Autistic 1,2,3s is for those who wrestle with trust and faith, seeking to find real rest and hope for what their journey holds.

    It is not as easy as 1,2,3 to raise two autistic teenagers, but you will be challenged, inspired and even laugh out loud as you follow the Steele family’s continuing journey toward hope.

    This is the companion volume to Melodie Steele’s first book, Autistic ABCs. and the last in the series, Autistic Do Re Mis.

  • Marriage & Family

    Autistic ABCs

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    This book is for those who wrestle with the questions that accompany a difficult diagnosis. Follow the Steele family’s journey from confusion and grief to peace, joy, and hope.

  • Audio Book

    Marriage Rx


    A Prescription for a Radical Marriage

    By Calvin & Julie Tadema and Dan & Jody Mayhew

    This book is not a new list of actions and behaviors to help husbands and wives get along better. It is a description of the character and identity of God reflected through married Christians living as examples of His nature. Marriage Rx is about your marriage—all of our marriages—but more than that, it is about His marriage: Christ and His church.

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