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  • Devotional

    In God’s Waiting Room

    Tools to surrender to God

    By Patti Laughlin

    Waiting is an action word. It means that we do something. There will be times in God’s Waiting Room that we will be sad, confused, and broken hearted. We will need to wait for God to heal our hearts.

    In God’s Waiting Room is offered as a tool for prayer and meditation. The questions at the end of each section are designed to  be useful for personal reflection or as prompts for group Bible study.

  • Inspiration



    Breathtaking Courage, Wisdom and Love

    By Tom Baker

    It takes only four syllables to present the concept of God becoming a man but a lifetime to grasp a slice of its significance.

  • Inspiration

    Sacred Journey


    Knowing God’s Presence Along the Road . . .

    By Daryl Knudeson

    Sometimes the journey seems too difficult to make alone.

  • Faith & Living

    Sacred Story


    Finding God in the Ordinary

    By Daryl Knudeson

    Everyone has a story. Whether it unfolds in great adventure, in waves of sorrow or in rhythmic constancy, our story is unique and profoundly personal. Written within the pages of every life is evidence that we have not walked our journey alone.

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