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  • Theology

    For This Reason

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    For This Reason is an interactive study focused on taking a deep and brave look at our distinctly feminine design. The questions woven into each section help equip women with the understanding of how truly amazing that design is, and give a fresh perspective of how we influence the men in our lives.

  • Faith & Living

    Keys of the Kingdom

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    The Transforming Power of the Keys of the Kingdom explores the process of New Testament conversion. This short but potent book challenges the notion that conversion means little more than uttering a few words of agreement with some foundational doctrines. Author, Dick Williams lays out a convincing Biblical path toward a powerful understanding of the destiny that is to belong to true disciples of Jesus. Join Dick on an exciting journey back to the first century to reclaim the Keys of the Kingdom.

  • Faith & Living

    Sword of Submission

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    The biblical story of redemption is the story of the defeat of a rebel army in the eternal realm, and of the liberation of a race once captive in time and space. In the end, it is the story of a joyous army that wins the war by using the most sophisticated weapon available—and it’s been available for a very long time.

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