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    Marriage & Family

    Autistic 123s

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    Autistic 1,2,3s is for those who wrestle with trust and faith, seeking to find real rest and hope for what their journey holds.

    This is the companion volume to Melodie Steele’s first book, Autistic ABCs.

  • Audio Book

    Autistic ABCs

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    Autistic ABCs is for those who wrestle with the questions that accompany a difficult diagnosis. Follow the Steele family’s journey from confusion and grief to peace, joy, and hope.

  • Faith & Living

    Goodbye, Little One

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    Each year in the United States over a million bereaved parents bury their dreams. These are the surviving victims of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and infant death. Goodbye, Little One speaks to the hearts of mothers and fathers awash in grief, bewilderment, guilt and anger, and offers comfort, perspective and hope.

  • Inspiration


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    It takes only four syllables to present the concept of God becoming a man but a lifetime to grasp a slice of its significance.

  • Faith & Living

    Keys of the Kingdom

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    The Transforming Power of the Keys of the Kingdom explores the process of New Testament conversion. This short but potent book challenges the notion that conversion means little more than uttering a few words of agreement with some foundational doctrines. Author, Dick Williams lays out a convincing Biblical path toward a powerful understanding of the destiny that is to belong to true disciples of Jesus. Join Dick on an exciting journey back to the first century to reclaim the Keys of the Kingdom.

  • Fiction (Youth)

    Time Funnels

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    Fascinating and riveting, Time Funnels: The Accidental Journey, takes two American eighth graders to 17th century France and England where they have one unforgettable summer.

  • Fiction (Adult)

    Without Malice

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    Without Malice follows Will (Mark Wilson) as he moves seamlessly between the criminal underworld and conventional society, pursuing his desires without care for the consequences, only whether or not they work for him.

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