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  • Faith & Living

    Autism Do-Re-Mi


    Learning to sing on our journey’s song

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    From the Preface:

    Autistic Do-Re-Mi’s presents glimpses from our learning to sing as a strategy against discouragement and doubt. Our practice of praise can promote an atmosphere of trust, faith, and hope. I wonder how much of Sam’s wit and Josh’s good humor come from this place of rest. May those times increase as we surrender our fears and anxiety to Jesus.

  • Marriage & Family

    Autistic 123s

    God’s preparation for our journey toward hope.

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    Autistic 1,2,3s is for those who wrestle with trust and faith, seeking to find real rest and hope for what their journey holds.

    It is not as easy as 1,2,3 to raise two autistic teenagers, but you will be challenged, inspired and even laugh out loud as you follow the Steele family’s continuing journey toward hope.

    This is the companion volume to Melodie Steele’s first book, Autistic ABCs. and the last in the series, Autistic Do Re Mis.

  • Marriage & Family

    Autistic ABCs

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    This book is for those who wrestle with the questions that accompany a difficult diagnosis. Follow the Steele family’s journey from confusion and grief to peace, joy, and hope.

  • Faith & Living

    Depression X,Y,Z

    Finding joy in life’s storm

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    Being depressed is not the same as being sad. Depression can include sadness, but it’s more than that. It can come with rage, irritation, pain, paranoia, anxiety, intrusive or racing thoughts, obsessing, indecision, brain fog, insecurity, and hopelessness. It can manifest as indifference or aversion to things that usually bring pleasure. It can persist as perfectionism and an inability to turn your brain off at night. It can be accompanied by insomnia and mania or by lethargy. It can have absolutely everything or nothing to do with circumstances and can hit seasonally or randomly and without warning. It is usually isolating and debilitating. It can spiral lower and lower until its victim feels helpless, discouraged, and defeated. It will pull down bystanders in its wake.

    I pray that my catharsis on these pages may help others to know that we humans are not alone in our struggles. Once I started writing, what came pouring out of me was a deluge. The pen is mighty, as a sword. Hence, I sit with my iPad buckler and record my thoughts. I pray that my story may inspire and encourage. None of us is beyond hope. The blood of Jesus has to be effective to cover my sin and my weaknesses; otherwise, I’m lost. I attempted life on my own, apart from God. It was disastrous. I have now set all my hopes on Him.

    All the best! Melodie

  • Memoir

    For the Director of Music

    Reflections from Psalm 18

    By Melodie Eaton Steele

    “For over 3,000 years, choir directors have been using the Psalms in leading others to praise the Lord.”

    A memoir of the life of beloved director and musician, Dr. Frank A. Eaton.

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