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Two Worlds Media is an independent publisher of independent authors. A few years ago such a thing would not have been possible. Now, the publishing industry is undergoing nearly constant change as print on demand (POD), video streaming and independent publishing platforms make incredible options available to writers, musicians and other artists.

This page is for you, an indie writer, to collaborate with others on this exciting journey. Here you can invite creatives to read your work and make suggestions on your project. You can also seek out service providers who may be able to help along the way. As “indie” authors gain respect in this evolving marketplace, the need for freelance service providers has also increased. Independent writers may need an editor, copy editor, cover designer, someone to help with marketing and social media, illustrators, layout and design advisers … the list goes on. 

Workshop Blog Entries

Writers: Works in Progress

Below are links to the work of active writers who would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  The link may take you to a personal blog, to Wattpad (social media site for writers) or to other locations  that invite collaboration via comments. 

If you would like your project to be included here, let TWM know by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you. 

Resource Links

Got any other suggestions? 

Discussion Groups

Services for Writers

As we at Two Worlds Media come across services that may be of help to independent authors we will list them here.

Editorial Services

  • Jenna Thompson – Writing coach ~ Editing ~ Concept refinement ~ Copy editing. Jenna has an MFA (Master of Fine Arts in writing) from Pacific University where she teaches writing. She has also taught writing at Warner Pacific College.
  •  Heidi Beth Sadler – Editing ~ Copy editing
  • Adirondack Editing – Adirondack Editing consists of nine capable women—including seven copy editors and one proofreader—with varying experience in terms of materials edited and length of time freelancing.

Cover Design

Workshops and Tutoring


If you would like to connect with the Two Worlds Media Writer’s Workshop at or to be contacted by one of our freelance service providers, submit the form below.

Service Providers

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