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  • Marriage & Family

    Marriage Rx


    A Prescription for a Radical Marriage

    By Calvin & Julie Tadema and Dan & Jody Mayhew

    This book is not a new list of actions and behaviors to help husbands and wives get along better. It is a description of the character and identity of God reflected through married Christians living as examples of His nature. Marriage Rx is about your marriage—all of our marriages—but more than that, it is about His marriage: Christ and His church.

  • Humor

    Max and Burnie Go Kaafwoom!


    Caution: Summer

    By Dan “Max” Mayhew

    Those summer days! Lazy. Hazy. Mostly crazy. Join “Max” for a few cautionary tales of summer.

  • Humor

    Max’s Guide to Flora and Fauna


    Epic Battles with Nature

    By Dan “Max” Mayhew

    Get ready for summer of laughs. Join Max in an epic battle with nature.

  • Humor

    Pulpit Fiction


    Clerical Errors and Amusing Grace

    By Dan “Max” Mayhew

    A raucous romp from the pew to the pulpit. Experience the wacky world of church.

  • Inspiration

    Sacred Journey


    Knowing God’s Presence Along the Road . . .

    By Daryl Knudeson

    Sometimes the journey seems too difficult to make alone.

  • Faith & Living

    Sacred Story


    Finding God in the Ordinary

    By Daryl Knudeson

    Everyone has a story. Whether it unfolds in great adventure, in waves of sorrow or in rhythmic constancy, our story is unique and profoundly personal. Written within the pages of every life is evidence that we have not walked our journey alone.

  • Humor

    Sound the Holiday Alarm


    The Nativities are Getting Restless

    By Dan “Max” Mayhew

    Get ready for the holidays! And what better way to prepare for that joyous season than with a smile, a grin, a chuckle or maybe even a hearty laugh. Join Max on another journey to Planet Zootron, a home world like no other.

  • Faith & Living

    Sword of Submission


    Reclaiming the Power of Being Human

    By Dan & Jody Mayhew

    The biblical story of redemption is the story of the defeat of a rebel army in the eternal realm, and of the liberation of a race once captive in time and space. In the end, it is the story of a joyous army that wins the war by using the most sophisticated weapon available—and it’s been available for a very long time.

  • Faith & Living

    The Ancient Deceptions


    Uncover the oldest tricks in The Book

    By Julie Tadema and Jody Mayhew

    A fascinating exploration of the deceptions that have been plaguing the human race since the very beginning.

  • Faith & Living

    The Butterfly and the Stone


    God’s Love on a Prodigal Journey

    By Dan Mayhew

    Hope is a butterfly Fear is a stone as the father waits for his son to come home. For anyone who has been or has loved a prodigal child, here is a voice in the night that says you are not alone.

  • Fiction (Youth)

    Time Funnels


    The Accidental Journey

    By Timothy Jones

    Fascinating and riveting, Time Funnels: The Accidental Journey, takes two American eighth graders to 17th century France and England where they have one unforgettable summer.

  • Fiction (Adult)

    Without Malice


    Crime, Violence and Redemption

    By Kurt Mach

    Without Malice follows Will (Mark Wilson) as he moves seamlessly between the criminal underworld and conventional society, pursuing his desires without care for the consequences, only whether or not they work for him.

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