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  • Faith & Living

    Sword of Submission

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    The biblical story of redemption is the story of the defeat of a rebel army in the eternal realm, and of the liberation of a race once captive in time and space. In the end, it is the story of a joyous army that wins the war by using the most sophisticated weapon available—and it’s been available for a very long time.

  • Faith & Living

    The Butterfly and the Stone

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    Hope is a butterfly Fear is a stone as the father waits for his son to come home. For anyone who has been or has loved a prodigal child, here is a voice in the night that says you are not alone. ‘The Butterfly and the Stone’ iagain to face a fiercer enemy: post-traumatic stress and addiction. Woven throughout is Gs a story of fear and hope on a journey that leads from the safety of home to Iraq, and home od’s love…found in a most unexpected place…

  • Fiction (Youth)

    Time Funnels

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    Fascinating and riveting, Time Funnels: The Accidental Journey, takes two American eighth graders to 17th century France and England where they have one unforgettable summer.

  • Fiction (Adult)

    Without Malice

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    Without Malice follows Will (Mark Wilson) as he moves seamlessly between the criminal underworld and conventional society, pursuing his desires without care for the consequences, only whether or not they work for him.

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