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Tavoite is a Finnish word that means target, goal, or objective. Books with the Tavoite imprint are written by authors with a goal to see their work become a real book made available to interested persons in their world of friends and relatives — think of them as labors of love from people with a story to tell. We at Two Worlds Media are pleased to be able to lend our know-how and resources to these friends who wish to share their heart with others. It is a joy to help them achieve their objective. These books are un-edited and un-reviewed. They may be purchased through Amazon, or from the author.

FSI-CVR-3Female Subjectivity, Image and Servant Leadership
Becoming Woman. Becoming Servant Leader
By Dr. Sharon Kay Canda

An exploration of the impact of advertising and media on young women with respect to self image and personal development.

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God Enables Us Through His Word
A Presentation of God’s Word
By Edwin Sandvig

A devotional Bible Study that explores the many ways that God enables believers to live the life He intended.

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Out of the Mouths of Lions
By Ronald Simonson

Have you ever wondered how Daniel, a captive Hebrew, rose to such a high position in Babylon? Daniel was dragged into captivity as a youth under the cruel ruler Nebuchadnezzar, but biblical accounts leave out the dramatic rise to power of a Hebrew slave.

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