eBook: The Butterfly and the Stone…

The link to the eBook file for The Butterfly and the Stone is below. Click the link for your device and the download should start immediately. Once the download is complete, plug your device into your computer and transfer the downloaded file to your device’s documents folder.

May God’s blessings be your today and always.

To read your new ebook:

Plug your device (eReader, iPad or tablet) into your computer. The downloaded file should appear on your desktop or in your PC’s folder called “Downloads.” Drag the downloaded eBook file to the documents folder on your device or copy and paste the file into the documents folder. Disconnect your device from your computer. The new eBook should appear in your eBook library.

The Butterfly and the Stone Kindle Edition.

The Butterfly and the Stone ePub Edition (for Nook and most other eReading devices).

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